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Cooperation between Russia and the Netherlands in the field of education: history and modernity

A.L. Arefiev, Й. Версхоор, Е.Л. Агафонова
80,00 Р


A.L. Arefiev is Cand.Sci. (History), doc., deputy director at Center for Sociologocal Research of the Ministry of Education and Science of RF e-mail:; J. Verschoor is director of Nuffic Neso Russia e-mail:; and E.L. Agafonova is student counsellor e-mail: of Nuffic Neso Russia


Examined is the theme of cooperation between Russia and Netherland in the field of education. Highlighted are the main trends in student mobility between Russia and Netherlands of Russian and Dutch nationals, incl. the most popular programs and specialties of education. Presented are universities with largest contingents of Dutch and Russian students. Also evaluated is income of national economics from mutual training and living of students. Noted is noticeable increase in number of Russians in Dutch universities compared to number of Dutch students in Russia.

Key words: education, students, universities, Russia, Netherlands.



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