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Formation of political culture of students

L.A. Lipskaya
80,00 Р


L.A. Lipskaya is Dr.Sci. (Pedagogy), prof., head of sub-faculty at Ural State University of Physical Culture e-mail:


Analyzed is the problem of formation political culture of students, conditioned by the need to prevent political absenteeism, negativism and radicalism in students’ midst. Substantiated is necessity of raising the role in higher education in the system of political socialization of students’ youth. Based on sociological survey data, comparative analysis of students’ political consciousness and behavior development over the past 20 years as component elements of political culture is also presented. Shown are forms and methods of political education, and also it’s features in university of physical culture. Described are principal tendencies of transformation of political consciousness of students. Presented is typology of electing behavior of students’ youth. Also analyzed are results of breeding work, positively influencing formation of civil political culture of students.

Key words: political culture, types of electoral behavior, students’ youth, questionnaire, political education.



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