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Work place of university manager: how it to be equipped

S.D. Reznik
80,00 Р


S.D. Reznik is Dr.Sci. (Economy), prof., head of sub-faculty at Penza State University of Architecture and Construction e-mail:


Summarized is experience of organization of work place of head of sub-faculty of higher educational institution. Well-equipped work place allows manager not only to carry out managerial activities better, communicating with subordinates, colleagues, clients and other people, but also opens opportunity to think, reflect, plan managerial activity. In particular, talking is about desktop of administrator, arrangement of cabinet, the role of design in it’s walls. Special attention is paid to organization of work place of university manager at home, as well as ways to eliminate interference with good organization of it’s work space.

Key words: work place, manager, university, arrangement, work desk, office, walls, overcoming of obstacles.



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