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Modeling curator educational breeding activity at military high school

Р.Г. Свердев, Е.А. Александрова.
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R.G. Sverdev is adjutant at Saratov Military Red Banner Institute of Troops of National Guard e-mail:; and E.A. Aleksandrova is Dr.Sci. (Pedagogy), prof., head of sub-faculty at Saratov State University n.a. N.G. Chernyshevsky e-mail:


Presented are stages of improving the model of educational breeding activity of unit’s curator at military institute under conditions of formation of troops of National guard of Russia. Documents, regulating educational activity at military institute in accordance with latest changes are considered. The process of forming consciousness of curator and cadets is described. Given is substantiation of theoretical bases of functioning of educational system at military high school. Results of study of activity of curators in cadets’ units at military high school of troops of National guard are given. Also the need for detailed planning, definition of principal guidelines and system in educational breeding activity of curator of unit, combination of approaches to individuality in educational process are considered.

Key words: National guard troops, modelling, curator’s activity, educational breeding system.



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