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Socio-pedagogical support for families, facing difficult life situations: regional experience

E.V. Suvorova, T.V. Furyaeva
80,00 Р


E.V. Suvorova is senior lecturer e-mail:; and T.V. Furyaeva is Dr.Sci. (Pedagogy), prof., head of sub-faculty e-mail: at Krasnoyarsk State Pedagogical University n.a. V.P. Astafiev


Presented is content analysis of regional system of socio-pedagogical support for families, facing difficult life situations. Shown is information about all-Russian and regional statistics, giving evidence of crisis of family as principal institution of socialization of individual. Analyzed are changes in motherhood and childhood protection in Russia as a whole and Krasnoyarsk region in particular. Disclosed is essence of the concept of socio-pedagogical support of families, defined are types of support, and also analyzed is experience in implementing socio-pedagogical support under conditions of Krasnoyarsk region. Also presented is model of innovative organizational structure, orientating on creation of active system of socio-pedagogical support for families with children.

Key words: socio-pedagogical support, family, persons facing difficult life situations, social service institutions.



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