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Look into the future: lecturers and students about priority areas of labor and priority technologies

А.Е. Варшавский, Н.А. Винокурова, И.С. Гудович
80,00 Р


A.E. Varshavsky is Dr.Sci. (Economy), prof. e-mail:; N.A. Vinokurova is Cand.Sci. (Economy), senior researcher at Central Economical and Mathematical Institute of RAS e-mail:; and I.S. Gudovich is Cand.Sci. (Physics & Mathematics), senior researcher at Voronezh State University e-mail:


Analyzed are views and attitudes of students and representatives of scientific pedagogical cadres regarding the future of the country’s technological development, their preferences in this area, and their readiness to adopt new technologies. Peculiarity of the work is, that it’s informational base consists of two independent sociological surveys. One survey was connected with students, and second concerned university professors. That made it possible to reveal generational differences of respondents’ views. Also in the paper motives of respondent’s choice were analyzed, as well as generational differences were revealed.

Key words: priority technologies, priority areas of activity, motivation for choosing job, prestigious professions.



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