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Use of differential equations in study by students of information specialties of the discipline “General theory of systems”

L.A. Sazanova
80,00 Р

L.A. Sazanova is Cand.Sci. (Physics & Mathematics), doc. at Ural State Economical University

Analyzed is the problem of using of differential equations and their systems in the process of lecturing to students of information specialties the discipline “System theory and system analysis”, that allows applying earlier knowledge in performance of laboratory work on the topic “Population dynamics”. Substantiated is choice of this topic for teaching future computer science bachelors from the point of view of the system approach, as well as conception of inter-disciplinary connections and possibility of selection software tool, suitable for realizing calculations and experiments of program instruments. Within framework of this subject, proposed is to study models of free and limited population growth, as well as popular in the course of system analysis of the “predator-prey” model. Examples of specific tasks and tasks for laboratory work are also given.

Key words: differential equations, theory of systems, system analysis, mathematical model, dynamics of population, “predator-prey” model, difference equations, phase portrait.


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