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D.A. Venttsel and E.S. Venttsel to anniversary of eminent scientists

V.I. Levin
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V.I. Levin is Dr.Sci. (Engineering), prof. at Penza State Technological University e-mail:


Presented are scientific biographies of two outstanding Soviet mathematicians and teachers Elena Sergeevna and Dimitry Alexandrovich Venttsels. Special attention is paid to restoration of genuine events, related with scientific, pedagogical and social activities of these persons. Also much attention is paid to history and activities of largest military university of the country, i.e. Air force engineering academy n.a. N.E. Zhukovsky, with which entire conscious life of Venttsels was connected. Pedagogical activity of E.S. Venttsel in VVIA and MIIT (Moscow) is reconstructed and analyzed. A lot of space is given to her scientific and publishing activities in the field of probability theory and operations research. Reconstructed is her literary activity, that she led under the pseudonym “I. Grekova”. Also described is scientific activity of D.A. Venttsel in the field of ballistics, his publishing activities in publishing textbooks for military universities, his activity in publishing text-books for military high schools, training highly qualified scientific personnel.

Key words: E.S. Venttsel, D.A. Venttsel, “I. Grekova”, Air force engineering academy, ballistics, probability theory, research in operations.



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