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After Hitler: the battle for the youth of Germany. Years of 1945-1949

M.V. Datsyshina

M.V. Datsishina is Cand.Sci. (History), leading researcher at State Archive of social political history of Russia e-mail:


Researched is the process of de-nazification of Germany in post-war perion of the years of allies in anti-Hitler coalition as to German youth as principal object of Nazi indoctrination. Allies in anti-Hitler coalition had different ideas about post-war political development of Germany, in what connection namely German youth has become an important object in organized discourse of the allies. Elaborated namely in that period effective technologies of indoctrination of the youth, that was breeding in totalitarian ideology, aren’t lose also today their actuality. Principal of such technologies are being analyzed by the author in presented article.

Key words: Germany, zero years, zones of occupation in Germany, de-nazification, division of Germany, youth as object of propaganda.