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Why does ideology of the Islamic state attract young people?

V.I. Maslov
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V.I. Maslov is Cand.Sci. (Economy), doc. at Faculty of Global studies of Lomonosov Moscow State University.


Examined is the process of formation and development of the Islamic state (IS). The emphasis is placed on the ideology, that is largely based on the ideology of Arab socialism, which includes such concepts, as justice, new sense of life and retribution to enemies. This is important factor of attractiveness of IS for young people from different countries. Proved is, that in many aspects ideology of IS is similar to the fascist ideology of Germany of 1920-1940th ears of the 20th century. As scientific critical phenomenon, IS considered is from various points of view, special attention is paid to ideological and socio-cultural aspects. The author’s conclusion is made, that IS could be defeated only by opposing of it’s ideology more attractive ideology for young people.

Key words: youth, terrorism, crisis of spirituality, values of society, fascism, ideology, sense of life.


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