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International educational practices of PRC as a form of transmission of global culture

A.V. Khalimova
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A.V. Khalimova is post-graduate student at Trans-Baikal State University e-mail:


Researched is ways of global culture elements’ transmission in international educational space. Analyzed are concepts of “globalization” and “global culture”. Made is attempt to point the main characteristics of global culture. Also considered are interrelation and interdependence of culture and education. The author brings the actual process of internationalization of education in modern China into correlation with penetration of global cultural values into national Chinese culture, which largely contradict traditional attitudes. Attention is paid to reviewing examples of international educational practices, such as studying abroad, adoption of academic programs and textbooks, training with foreign teachers, online education, using mobile applications, etc. The article provides insight into the tendency to learn English, which promotes distribution of global culture.

Key words: globalization, global culture, internationalization of education, academic mobility, cultural values, PRC.


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