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International academic mobility in the post-Soviet area

A.L. Arefiev
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A.L. Arefiev is Cand.Sci. (History), doc., deputy to director at Center for Sociological Researches of Ministry of Education and Science of Russia e-mail:


Examined are main directions of international academic mobility on former post-Soviet space. Noted is, that Russian higher school is still the most attractive for youth from Belorussia, eastern part of Ukraine, Transnistria, Central Asia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, while youth of Baltic states, Georgia, Moldova, as well as the central and western parts of Ukraine are increasingly oriented towards higher education in Europe. Described is reinforcing role on international market of education of Chine. The author’s conclusion is made, that these trends on international market of education are likely to continue in coming years.

Key words: students, universities, international academic mobility, studying abroad.


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