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Social prerequisites of development of scientific research work of students in national didactic of higher school (1950-s up to the beginning of 1990-s)

A.S. Tsygankova
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A.S. Tsygankova is Cand.Sci. (Pedagogy), doc. at Far Eastern State Transport University e-mail:


Discussed are social background of development of scientific research work of students in national didactics of higher school in the Soviet period (1950—1990). Three main stages are determined in development of students’ scientific research, i.e. 1950—1960-s (students’ scientific research was firstly introduced into higher school education), 1970-s – the beginning of 1980-s (students’ scientific research was divided into academic scientific research and extracurricular scientific research), and mid 1980-s – the beginning of 1990-s (introduction of the concept of “system of students’ scientific research”). Notrd is that students’ scientific research work was the most progressive element of higher school education as it taught scientific and practical skills. In this regard, conclusion is made about actuality of appealing to historical experience, as it has not lost it’s value in our days.

Key words: scientific research work of students, didactics of higher education of the Soviet period, historical reconstruction.


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