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Experience of “Hungarian”. The second World festival of youth and students in Budapest (August 14-28, 1949)

M.V. Datsyshina
80,00 Р

M.V. Datsyshina is Cand.Sci. (History), head specialist at Russian State Archive of Social Political History e-mail:


Examined is technology of organization of the second World festival of youth and students in 1949 on the base of the analysis of archival materials, for the first time introduced into scientific circulation. In the article analyzed are such aspects of organization of the festival, as it’s budget, quotas of participants, festival program, promotion of information and propaganda in mass media, reliance on opinion of leaders in various countries, program of activities, solidarity fund, solution of problems of communication and security. Shown is the role of political elites in Hungary and the USSR in organization of the festival. The author substantiates actuality of experience of organizers of the second festival, as to organization of modern large-scale international youth events.

Key words: second World festival of youth and students, Rakoshi, fund solidarity of festival, Aragon, Stalin, Wallace, cold war, anti-colonial movement, external propaganda of the USSR after the Second World War, technology of organization of international youth festival.