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Perceptive side and regulation of inter-confessional relations

D.G. Kurachev, L.G. Kuracheva
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D.G. Kurachev is Dr.Sci (Philosophy), Cand.Sci (Psychology), prof. at Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA), Bryansk branch e-mail:; and L.G. Kuracheva is Cand.Sci (Psychology), assistant prof. at Moscow Psychological Social University, Bryansk branch e-mail:


Researched are perceptive sphere of inter-confessional relation, it’s content and functioning, incl. forms, diapason, specific. Presented is psychological underlying state of traditional and non-traditional religious groups foreshortening their inter-relations, i.e. on behavior, cognitive and emotional levels, as well as under conditions of conflict and post-conflict inter-action. Stated are problems of danger of leaving these processes out of attention, as to non-managing opinion pluralism and necessity of effective control. Proposed are measures for restraining of inter-religious contradictions. As principal paradigm, positioned is the idea of inter-confessional tolerance, and also disclosed is it’s content, as well as stressed is the danger of it’s non-correct use, profanation and distortion.

Key words: inter-confessional perception, content of confessional perception, conflicts, tolerance, non-tolerance.



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