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Problem of professional burn-out and it’s prevention in socio-cultural space at innovative university

G.G. Zeinalov, L.V. Starodubtseva
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G.G. Zeynalov is Dr.Sci. (Philosophy), prof. e-mail: and L.V. Starodubtseva is Cand.Sci. (Sociology), doc. e-mail:

at Mordovia State Pedagogical Institute n.a. M.E. Evseviev

Discussed is the problem of professional burning-out of pedagogical personnel in socio-cultural space of innovative high school. Presented is essential characteristic of syndrome of professional burning-out. Attention of the authors is concentrated on analyzing of the most important factor of socio-economic development of society, i.e. innovations in higher education, characterized by serious changes and accordingly increasing of load on subjects of education. Besides, examined are possibilities of preventive maintenances of the syndrome of burning-out. In article, there are presented results of questionnaire of pedagogical personnel of Mordovia state pedagogical institute n.a. M.E. Evseviev.

Key words: professional burning out, pedagogical cadres, education, factors of the syndrome of burning-out.


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