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Sociological approach to studying of youth extremism in modern Russia

D.A. Lazarev
80,00 Р

D.A. Lazarev is lecturer at Stavropol branch of Krasnodar university of Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation e-mail:


Examined is the phenomenon of youth extremism as acute social contradiction of modern Russian society. Growth of number of extremist youth groups, “infection” of consciousness of younger generation with radical, antisocial ideas call into question carrying of reforms, modernization, forward development of the Russian society. Sharpness of the problem of extremism, weight of it’s social consequences dictate the need of research of such by sociological science, possessing complete scientific and world outlook idea of the nature of social system, incl. it’s pathologies, dysfunctions. The author researched this phenomenon from positions of character for sociological science system approach, comprehensive analyzing factors of external and internal environment of public life.

Key words: youth extremism, sociological approach, socialization, de-ideologization, youth policy.


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