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Conditions and features of formation of North-Caucasian mining and metallurgical institute as supporting technological university

A.E. Vorobiev, A.K. Murzaeva
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A.E. Vorobiev is Dr.Sci. (Engineering), prof., vice-rector on scientific activity and innovations at Atyrau University of Oil and Gas e-mail:; and

A.K. Murzaeva, post-graduate student at Batken State University of Kyrgyzstan

Presented is the analysis of state of material technical base, personnel staff and efficiency of activity of North Caucasian mining and metallurgical institute (State technological university) as supporting technological university. Considered are available internal and external calls for it’s formation and development. Shown is strategic aim of offering reforms. Definition is given to the concept of “supporting university”, and also elaborated are bases for it’s emergence in regions. Principal blocks of the program of development of supporting university in North Caucasus region are presented. The project of indicators of development of North Caucasian mining and metallurgical institute (State technological university) as supporting university is given.

Key words: supporting university, existing indicators, reforms, efficiency.


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