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Nobel award on economic in Russia

V.V. Komarov
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V.V. Komarov is Сand.Sci. (Economics), prof. at Russian State Agrarian Correspondence University



Analyzed is scientific activity of our only Nobel laureate in economics Leonid Vitalievich Kantorovich. This is an exceptional case in global scientific practice, when in one person at the highest professional level harmoniously interacting are both economist and mathematician. Into experience, logic, theoretical researches, Kantorovich introduced new mathematical apparatus, specially designed for economic applications, created new direction of economical use, i.e. mathematical economic. Obviously, the author states, there is the need to introduce into educational curricula of all universities of Russia on sub-faculties of economics and mathematic sections on systematic study of the heritage of Kantorovich.

Key words: mathematical economic, linear programming, efficiency of economy, planned and market economy, Kantorovich.



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