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N.D. Kondratieff’s theory of big cycles and cryses. Possibility to apply it to development of strategy of economic growth and structural reconfiguration of Russia

V.M. Bondarenko
80,00 Р


V.M. Bondarenko is Cand.Sci. (Economy), leading researcher at Institute of Economic of RAS e-mail:


Presented is analytical survey of scientific heritage of prominent representative of Russian school of economical thought of the beginning of 20th century Nikolai Dmitrievich Kondratiev. Telling is about history of recognition of his ideas, in particular in the field of the theory of conjuncture, regularities of it’s dynamic, long waves of economic conjuncture. Shown is, that Kondratiev formulated methodological approaches to the analysis of economical being and proper, analyzed correspondence between teleologic and genetic methods of the research, and also elaborated fundament in formulating of the theory of prognosis. The author makes conclusion about importance of using ideas of heritage of Kondratiev for elaboration of strategy of development of Russia, it’s economic growth and structural re-composition.

Key words: N.D. Kondratiev, heritage, ideas, theory of long waves, regularities, methodology of analysis, theory of prognosis.



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