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Problems of incorporation of Russia into global educational and scientific space

O.G. Leonova
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O.G. Leonova is Dr.Sci (Politics), prof. at Faculty of Global Processes of Moscow State University n.a. M.V. Lomonosov e-mail:


Researched are problems of incorporation of Russian education system into the global educational and scientific space. Most vexing are problems with the H-index, publications in journals and databases of Scopus and Web of Science, different methods of presentation of scientific research and their results, as well as the situation with resources for research. Formulated are three scenarios of possible strategy for development of Russian education system within the Bologna process and global educational and scientific space. As to the author opinion, as a whole constructive way for solution of the problem is in creative application of the experience of the West, adaptation of it’s most valuable assets and their integration into the national educational space.

Key words: globalization, national education system, incorporation, global educational and scientific space.



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