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Geo-civilizational dimension of modern educational politics

E.N. Sulima
80,00 Р


E.N. Sulima is Dr.Sci. (Philosophy), prof. at Faculty of Global Processes of Lomonosov Moscow State University e-mail:


Discussed are issues of educational policy, that presupposes systemic, orderly and sustainable management of various interrelations and practices that develop in the sphere of education. The analysis demonstrated that successful implementation of educational policy should take into account the overall context of it’s formation, i.e. historical, social, economic, ethnic, religious and others. Special attention is paid to such specific and difficult in clear description dimension as geo-civilizational dimension, characterized in particular by expansion of Latin and Arabic at the expense of Cyrillic alphabet space, that represents conflict dimension, characteristic for the era of “clash of civilizations”. Also presented is analysis of major geo-civilizational problem of Russia in the sphere of educational policy, i.t. the problem of preserving Euroasia “large educational space”.

Key words: educational policy, geo-civilizational dimension, conflict dimension, clash of civilizations, large educational space, global civilizational competition, global system of knowledge, globalization, de-globalization, university.



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