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Developed industrial society in works of Hans Freyer and Herbert Marcuse

G.A. Kotenko
80,00 Р


G.A. Kotenko is post-graduate student at NIU Higher School of Economic



Presented is comparative analysis of political economical works of well-known philosophers Hans Freyer and Herbert Marcuse, containing in their works, that are examining developed industrial society. Given is detailed exposition of views of H. Freyer and H. Marcuse on their contemporary industrial society. Preposition for comparing of theories of namely that two authors is, that both thinkers represent two opposite sides of thought (left and right directions). As to the author, critique by H. Freyer and H. Marcuse their contemporary industrial society has a lot of likeness. But also described are moments, in which researcher are going away. Presented is the author’s analysis of conclusions by H. Freyer and H. Marcuse about historical destiny of developed industrial society.

Key words: developed industrial society, Hans Freyer, Herbert Marcuse, labor, revolution from the right, revolution from the left.



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