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Analysis of culture in creative works of V.P. Vorontsov

A.I. Kravchenko
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A.I. Kravchenko is Dr.Sci. (Sociology), prof., leading scientific researcher at Faculty of Sociology Lomonosov Moscow State University  e-mail:


Presented is the analysis of scientific literature heritage of Vasily Pavlovich Vorontsos, Russian economist, sociologist and publicist, as well as public person from the middle of 19th and the beginning of 20th centuries, one of outstanding representative of “liberal narodnik movement”, known by his contribution to so called “theory of small deeds”. Besides, V.P. Vorontsov is known by his scientific researches in the field of culture. In the article are being analyzed principal culturological ideas of V.P. Vorontsov. Traced are the fate and character of culture heritage of V.P. Vorontsov during the period, known in history of Russia as “critical moment” in it’s social economica and political development. Stressed is contribution of V.P. Vorontsov in substantiation of the thesis, that in capitalist society with it’s greed to profit and primitive needs culture obviously is being ousted onto “back seat” social development.

Key words: capitalism, rise of needs, Russian culture, working class.



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