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Breeding priorities of modern student youth

V.A. Sitarov
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V.A. Sitarov is Dr.Sci. (Pedagogy), prof., head of sub-faculty at Moscow Humanitarian University e-mail:


Examined are value aspects of development of modern student youth. Disclosed is the role of higher school and university pedagogy as factors of ensuring value identity and sustainability of educational process. Proposed is construction of sources of valuable orientations for breeding of youth, which includes seven interfaced layers of sociocultural experience, i.e. social-centered, theology-centered, anthropocentric, ethno-focused, nature-focused, culture-focused, gnoseo-centered. In each of these layers concentrated are important values, representing both needed and surplus civilization resource for building productive upbringing practice in modern university. Also proposed are the author’s recommendations for realization of positive breeding priorities of modern student youth.

Key words: values, youth, sociocultural process, upbringing, social order, higher school, high school’s pedagogy, value layers of sociocultural experience.



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