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Elitarism and egalitarism: paradigmal war. Example of models of higher education in Poland

D. Deyna , F. Nalaskowski
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D. Deyna is Cand.Sci. (Humanities); and F. Nalaskowski is Cand.Sci. (Humanities) at Nikolai Kopernik University, the city Torun, Poland



Researched is modern situation in the sphere of higher education in Poland. Presented is brief historical description of development of the system of higher education in Poland, shown is succession of principal historical traditions with modern state of higher education. Analyzed are two principal models of modern organization of higher education in Poland, i.e. elitarist and egalitarist. Characterized is core essence of realizing in Poland reformations in the sphere of higher education, and also described is influence of reforms on all spheres of social life in that country (economic, culture, science, demography). In detail described are forms of realization of educational reforms. Also presented is the authors’ analysis of social structure of contemporary high school youth in Poland.

Key words: models of organization of higher education, elitarism, egalitarism, reforms of education, structure of high schools youth.