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Organization of training in discipline of “Chemistry” with using of e-learning course at classical university

E.P. Harnutova
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E.P. Harnutova is Cand.Sci. (Chemistry), doc. at Altai State University e-mail:


Examined is actual problem of organization of learning process with using of computer technologies. Described is structuring of educational material in e-learning course on example of The discipline of “Chemistry” in training of bachelors of the Department of Geography in the Altai State University. Singled out are features of using of e-learning course in the study of discipline, especially in preparation, implementation and verification of laboratory works. According to the experience of using this e-learning, the author makes conclusion, that electronic course allows to organize independent work of students more effectively, increases students’ interest in learning of the discipline, as well as increases the mobility of students. E-learning course “Chemistry” is implemented in specific learning process in Moodle system on the united educational portal of Altay State University.

Key words: e-learning course, distance learning, e-learning environment of the Moodle.



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