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Early initiation of students to science: experience of all-Russian competition

G.V. Lisichkin
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G.V. Lisichkin is Dr.Sci. (Chemistry), prof. at Lomonosov Moscow State University



Described is the theme of initiation of high school students to research work. In particular, analyzed is activity of initiated by all-Union chemical society n.a. D.I. Mendeleev annual competition of students of 1-4 courses, aimed at identifying and supporting of young scientists, that allows students to acquire skills of participation in a poster session, presentation oral speeches, and also participation in scientific discussions. The competition is recognized as one of the most prestigious competitions of young chemist researchers, and enjoys well-deserved prestige among students and professors of high schools. For 27 years of it’s being, it is attended by about 3,000 students from 125 universities in Russia, as well as from CIS countries. The article analyzes both organizational and methodic features of the competition, and also discusses problems of it’s improvement.

Key words: students of junior courses, scientific work, competition, scientific conference, chemistry education, methodic of training, chemistry and chemical technology, chemical universities.



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