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World economy. Prospects of development

V.V. Komarov , N.V. Litvina
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V.V. Komarov is Cand.Sci. (Economy), prof. at Russian State Agrarian Correspondence University e-mail:; and N.V.  Litvina is specialist at FGBU VGNKI e-mail:


Presented is analysis of the dynamics of development of global economy in recent years, which is in recent years in state of unstable equilibrium. Problems of regional military conflicts, terrorist threats, divergence of world economies, as well as problems of unemployment, migration and social inequalities require effective joint measures of the mankind. With solution of these problems in the first place on a global level deals the UN. Only sustainable, balanced and controlled development can really guarantee transition to a new era of necessary and safe economic growth. The authors analyze the UN report “World economic situation and prospects 2017”, i.e. system publication, that is being considered particularly valuable analytical material and a source of most current data for students and researchers.

Key words: higher education, world economy, UN, UNCTAD, optimal economic growth, prospects of development.



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