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Legal training for bachelors of direction of “Journalistic”. Historical and pedagogical analysis

D.G. Zhitinevich, E.G. Kalugina
80,00 Р


D.G. Zhitinevich is Cand.Sci. (Legal Sciences), doc., director of department e-mail: ; and E.G. Kalugina is post-graduate student e-mail:

at Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University


Examined are requirements for legal training of bachelors of direction of “Journalistic” in framework of educational standards of the first, second and third generations. It includes comparative analysis of requirements/ competences and disciplines related to legal block of training. The authors conclude, that in addition to competences set by current educational standards, bachelors of direction of “Journalistic” are to be expected to develop the following range of competences, i.e. basic knowledge of labor law, knowledge of legislation on advertising and main legal provisions on placing orders for goods, work or services for public or municipal institutions, and also ability to use, prepare and submit legal documents needed in professional activities.

Key words: legal training for journalists, historical and pedagogical analysis, formal journalism education, educational standards as to direction of “Journalistic”, Professional standards as to “Media, Publishing and Printing Industry”.



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