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EUROEXIT: metamorphosis of evolution. Geo-politics, science, language

V.V. Naumov
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V.V. Naumov is Dr.Sci. (Philology), prof. at Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University e-mail:


Presented is the author’s analysis of the process of globalization, described are principal components of such, and also given is possible negative consequences, appearing in the course of it’s realization. Foreshortening this, the author analyses a lot of number of concrete examples of world developed countries, i.e. USA, Great Britain, Germany, France and others, basing of such conclusion is made about possible disintegration of actively constructing “united European space”. Also presented is the author’s vision of the process of evolution, substantiated by a lot of number from various spheres of science. Determined is essence of such philosophical notions, as “senses”, “will” and “reason” as to the examining theme. Revealed are both meaning and place of the notions of “language”, “science” and “geo-politic” in the process of globalization. Also given is the prognosis of possible consequences of influence of the process of globalization on Russia.

Key words: process of globalization, senses, will, reason, language, science, geo-politic.



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