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Specifications in development and management of onto-khinesiological potential of human being

N.G. Lutchenko, N.I. Perevoznikova, N.N. Grigoriev
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N.G. Lutchenko is Cand.Sci (Pedagogy), prof. e-mail:; N.I. Perevoznikova is senior lecturer e-mail:

at Saint-Petersburg Humanitarian University of Trade Unions; and N.N. Grigoriev is senior lecturer at Military Space Academy n.a. A.F. Mozhaisky


Elaborated is the theme of sustainable life of organism, important component of which is genetically determined margin of sustainability, subject to change and improve themselves throughout entire life. By all contradictory ideas about the essence of life age-related changes, main opinion of researchers is to reduce the adaptive resources of the organism. Health promotion, health and adaptive capabilities of the organism at proper level provide kinesiological potential, defined as systematically organized set of skills and abilities, aiming at achievement quality activities and abilities of human. Kinesiological approach to organization and management of human physical potential is being actualized under conditions of development of it’s capacity to improvement in sport or in physical education.

Key words: ontokinesiological system, process of adaptation, self-preservation, biological system, kinesiological potential, evolution, homeostasis.



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