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Essence characteristics of the process of formation of subject position of student of higher school

R.M. Garanina
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R.M. Garanina is Cand.Sci. (Pedagogy), senior lecturer at Samara State Medical University



Analyzed is the theme of formation of essence characteristics during the process of formation of subject position of student higher educational institution. Examined are actual problems of essence characteristics of subject position of personality, and also of the process of formation of subject position of future doctor. The author stresses, that optimization of the process of formation of subject position requires an integrated approach to the analysis of the problem of development and formation of subjectivity, and also multi-dimensional modeling for prognosis of possible trends in changes of dynamics of this process. The author’s conclusion is made, that consistent mastering of subject role secures realized understanding of professional and social role, as well as readiness to it’s expanding, and finally leads to effective development of professional and social space.

Key words: subject, subject position, subject dominant, stages of development, self-determination, self-control, self-motivation, self-organization, self-efficacy, self-education.



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