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Advancing engineering education under modern conditions (social philosophical opinion)

S.B. Shitov
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S.B. Shitov is Dr.Sci. in Philosophy, prof. at Moscow State University of Technology “STANKIN”



Elaborated is the problem of development of advancing engineering education in Russian technical high schools. The problem is stipulated by the fact, that modern conditions of social economic development of the country dictate the need for advancing development of scientific, research and technical technological workings. In connection with that, the author formulates strategic aim of development of engineering education in Russia, which is in creation of adaptive, continuous, advancing system of training of specialists with higher technical education on the basis of personally oriented direction of educational process. Namely this aim, the author states, secures achievement of world level professional qualification of personality, guaranteeing stable development and competitiveness of innovative economic of the state.

Key words: advancing engineering education, professional competence, personally oriented active education.



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