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Motivation and stimulation of pedagogical personnel

T.V. Guskova, Yu.A. Dianova
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T.V. Guskova is Cand.Sci. (Pedagogy), doc. e-mail: ; and Yu.A. Dianova is Senior lecturer e-mail:

at Penza State Technological University


Discussed is the theme of motivation and stimulation of pedagogical cadres to highly resulting and effective activity, aimed at achieving of goals of modern professional education as condition for raising prestige and social status of personnel of the sphere of education. Motivation of professional pedagogical activity is a process of satisfaction by pedagogical staff of personal needs and expectations, when realizing professional goals, directly connected with aims and tasks of educational institution. At the same time, motivation is a complex of measures, taken by administration of organization for increasing effectiveness of activity of pedagogical personnel. The author generalizes concrete experience of Penza state technological university in formation of motivational policy on the basis of research in needs and interests of it’s pedagogical personnel.

Key words: motivation, stimulation, efficiency of activity, pedagogical staff, management.



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