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Role of professional activity in reducing feelings of crisis among young people

V.P. Musina
80,00 Р


V.P. Musina is Cand.Sc. (Psychology), doc. at Sankt Petersburg State Institute of psychology and social work



Presented is analysis of the role of professional activity in reducing feeling of crisis among young people. In research participated working youth (aged 25-29 years) with compressive breakings, having out-patient treatment at medical clinic. Based on significant empirical information, the author in detail analyses the named problem, describing the ratio of professional activity and crisis feelings among young people with serious diseases. Also characterized is technology of their prevention and correction. Presented are the author’s diagnostic methods for research of fixation of the level of crisis feelings their disease, as well as the level of professional activity.

Key words: professional activity, crisis experiences, young people, methods of diagnosis, technology for prevention and correction.



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