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Philosophy as theoretical form of world view and existential relation of person to the world

P.N. Kondrashov
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P.N. Kondrashov is Cand.Sc. (Philosophy), senior researcher at Institute of Philosophy and Law, Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences



Attempt is made to consider philosophy as theoretical form of worldview, which is characterized by critical perception of world outlook positions and logical or empirical argumentation and verification of their truth. In this sense, philosophy could be scientific (i.e. based it’s worldview on achievements of separate sciences, as it does, for example, dialectical materialism, or analytic philosophy), and non-scientific (religious philosophy), and anti-scientific (i.e., spiritualism and irrationalism). But philosophy itself is not science, because science gives picture of particular segments of the world, and philosophy gives picture of the whole world. Because of this, the author concludes that philosophy impossible to be taught by «mechanical» way, as it is done today in the Russian universities.

Key words: teaching of philosophy, theory, science, world view, crisis of philosophy, person’s relation to the world.



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