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Pedagogical problematic of adaptation and use of firearms in professional training of future officers

V.A. Emtsev, S.A. Bogdanov
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V.A. Emtsev is Junior scientific assistant; and S.A. Bogdanov is head of division of post-graduation studies at Perm Military Institute of Troops of National Guard of the RF



Examined is specific of modern period of development of national military education, requiring solving of some pedagogical problems in theory and training of future officers of troops of National guard of the RF. One of the most urgent of these problems is formation of adequate attitude to firearms in future officers, assisting operative solving of non-routine tasks in combat situation due to creativity in extreme situations. In the article analyzed is problematic of adequate use of firearms on the basis of examination of research as to spreading of number of incidents, associating with it’s inadequate use by organs of law and order. Also presented is the analysis of materials of mass media, discussing various aspects of use of firearms as to situations of interconnection between representatives of civilian population and military personnel.

Key words: firearms, adequacy of application, core problematic.



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