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Placing in a job of high schools’ graduates as evaluation of quality of engineering education in Russia

V.I. Kruglov, Victoria F. Pugach
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V.I. Kruglov is Dr. Sci. in Engineering, prof., scientific manager at FGBU “Inter-education”


V.F. Pugach is Dr. Sci. in Sociology, Senior researcher, prof. at NITU “MISiS”



Presented is analysis of actual problem of employment of graduates of Russian universities as to directions and specialties of engineering profile, that, in authors’ opinion, could symbolize evaluation of quality of engineering education in Russia. Given is detailed comparative analysis of existing variants of employment, made on the basis of educational statistics. The authors stressed, that according to results of comparative analysis of certain directions and specialties, output of bachelors, specialists and master graduates, there might be some conclusions about significant differentiation of groups of graduates as to peculiarities of employment characteristics. In connection with that, shown are most needed by Russian labor market specialties of engineering profile, as well as presented are some recommendations on future of this labor market.

Key words: high school’s graduate, specialists, masters, employment, occupation and training direction, the direction of the work, target training, self-employment.



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