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Projecting basic educational programs for sellers of insurance products, taking into account requirements of modern professional standards

Yu.V. Gryzenkova, N.V. Kirillova, A.A. Tsyganov
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Yu.V. Gryzenkova is Ph. D. in Economics, doc.

N.V. Kirillova is D. Sc. in Economics, prof.

A.A. Tsyganov is D. Sc. in Economics, prof., head of sub-faculty

Financial University under the Government of the RF



Analyzed are the problem of projecting of basic educational programs for insurance sales manager in modern conditions, significantly changed in the year of 2015 because of adoption of two professional standards of “Insurance specialist” and “Insurance broker”. Presented are requirements of professional standards, modern organization of training sellers of insurance services, incl. insurance agents, and also defined are basic sources for selection of candidates for insurance agents, as well as methods of their training. Characterized are problems, accompanying this process. Results of juncture questionnaire of basic employers as to knowledge and abilities, which insurance agents have to possess are presented in the article. Also revealed are existing contradictions in practice of training insurance sales managers with professional standards, as well as recommendations for overcoming them are presented.

Key words: basic educational programs, higher education, secondary special education, insurance agent, sales manager, seller of insurance products.



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