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Technological structures and “window of possibilities” for Russia to tear itself away from “raw material trap”

G.K. Ovchinnikov, V.S. Nikolsky
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G.K. Ovchinnikov is doct. in Philosophy, prof. e-mail:

and V.S. Nikolsky is doct. in Philosophy, prof.  e-mail:

 Moscow state university of mechanical engineering


Presented is analysis of actual problem of social and economic modernization of the Russian Federation, i.e. overcoming of orientation of the country on dependence in raw materials. In connection with that, the authors introduced in scientific circulation the notion of “technological structures”, characterizing the state of social and economic development of the country. Based on philosophical positions, given is general characteristic of technological structures as revolutionary way, by what realizing is not only modern scientific and technical, but also civilization process as a whole. Showed is complex character of the named structures. Special attention is paid to the problem of formation national structure of development the 6th structure in Russia as principal condition for tearing the country away from “raw material trap” on the ways of science capacious, socially oriented innovation production.

Key words: technological structure, infrastructure of development of nano-industry, nanotechnologies, federal target program