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Placing in a job of graduates of high schools of Kazakhstan

L.A. Shakhirova
80,00 Р


L.A. Shakhirova is master in Geography, chief analyst at

JSC “ Information Analytic Center”, Kazakhstan Republic



Discussed are problems of placing in a job graduates of high schools in Kazakhstan. Analyzed are statistical data as to admissions of school leavers in high schools the year of 2010 and number graduates in the year of 2014 as to specialties. Special attention is paid to statistical data on placing in a job graduates, studied on the basis of state order. Identified are the most popular high schools’ specialties and also geography of graduates’ employment as to regions of the country. Analyzed are state programs on employment of young specialists in the country, and also explored is international experience in solvation of corresponding matter. On the basis of the research, the author proposes a number of efficient measures for improving situation, such as favorable tax or financial assistance to employers, hiring young graduated specialists, improvement of professional oriented work in schools, etc.

Key words: problems of placing in a job of graduates, youth unemployment, popular specialties, geography of employment, state programs on placing in a job graduates, effective measures.



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