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Modernization of higher education and the role of additional professional education in solving the problem of personnel training for the Aerospace industry

Leonid V. Bykov, Dmitry A. Kozorez, A.A. Prokuratov
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UDC 379:629.7-057.4

Leonid V. Bykov, Cand. Sc. (Engineering), Head of Department, MAI (NRU),, e-mail:

Dmitry A. Kozorez, Dr. Sc. (Engineering), Vice Rector at MAI (NRU),, e-mail:

Aleksey A. Prokuratov, 1st category specialist of Additional vocational education Department, MAI (NRU), e-mail:


The development of science and technology, the emergence of new technologies, and the digitalization of production necessitate updating basic educational programs, increasing the number of hours of practical training for students, and the emergence of new forms of providing educational services. The work examines the main problems and directions of modernization of higher and additional professional education. The forms of modernization of training carried out within the framework of such projects as “Wings of Rostec”, the strategic academic leadership program “Priority–2030”, “Digital Department” are considered. The possibilities of network forms of specialist training are considered. The main advantages and disadvantages of the ongoing modernization projects are described. A vision of improving the professional level of teaching staff is presented. The role of additional professional education in the training of specialists is considered. A list of additional professional programs of the Moscow Aviation Institute most in demand by enterprises is given, examples of interaction between the university and real sector enterprises on additional professional education programs are considered. Measures have been proposed to adjust ongoing projects and recommendations have been formulated to improve the effectiveness of training programs.

Key words: basic educational program, additional professional program, competencies, modernization of higher education


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