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Improving the formation of educational programs of higher education, taking into account the use of professional standards

N.P. Kushchev, M.А. Fedotova
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UDC 378:37.09

Nikolai P. Kushchev, Cand. of Social Sciences, Docent, Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), e-mail: к

Marina А. Fedotova, PhD in Economics, Docent, Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), e-mail:


The article discusses the issues of improving the quality of training of personnel with higher education who have competencies of such a level that will allow them to ensure the technological sovereignty of the state, including in a dynamically changing labor market. Adjustments to the current legislation in the field of higher education and the labor market in order to improve educational programs of higher education (OOP HE), as well as the harmonization of educational and professional qualifications. Ensuring effective interaction between developers of educational standards (federal educational and methodological associations of higher education — FGOS HE) and professional standards (councils for professional qualifications in economic sectors — SEC), as well as training on their basis of OOP HE. The significance of Federal Law No. 144-ФЗ dated 26.05.2021, in terms of the development and implementation of the OOP HE, and the creation of the necessary legal conditions for the development of a new generation of the Federal State Educational Standard. It is emphasized that the introduction of these changes contributed to reducing the severity of the problem of ensuring the interface of educational and professional standards and removing certain disagreements when updating the Federal State Educational Standard, taking into account professional standards. But the main task of harmonizing the requirements of the labor market for the qualifications of specialists and the competencies of graduates remains unresolved. Therefore, a positive example of interaction between universities and employers’ organizations to resolve controversial issues is presented, as well as the approaches of the SEC of the UP to use on the basis of a systematic analysis of all available capabilities of the relevant Federal State Educational Standard in the formation of the OOP IN.

Keywords: higher education, the sphere and the labor market, the quality of personnel training, educational and professional standards, basic educational programs, FUMO VO, SEC



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