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Problems of personnel training in higher education system and ways to solve them

A.Yu. Alexandrov
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UDC 378
DOI 10.20339/AM.07-24.015

Aleksandr Yu. Alexandrov, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Kovrov State Technological Academy of Degtyarev, e-mail:

The problematic issues raised in the article are common in the training of engineering and technical personnel of our country. The source of all the problems is the Bologna system of higher education imposed on us — essentially a system of services, not education. At the same time, the pain points that have arisen in the training of specialists related to the organization and implementation of the educational process in universities are derivative and secondary. The most vulnerable pain point — derived from the system of services and business in education — is regulatory per capita financing. In turn, this type of financing has created other problems in the education system. They are especially relevant now in the training of personnel for our military-industrial complex. The problems are most clearly manifested in the regional university. Of course, they are smoothed out to some extent when the university is surrounded by city-forming defense enterprises and good interaction with them. However, with all this, these problems remain very significant. Along with the positive aspects in the work on personnel training, the article examines the factors of the negative impact of regulatory per capita financing on the educational process, as well as some other problems that arise when training specialists for the military-industrial complex. The ways of their solution are proposed. The experience of interaction of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Kovrov State Technological Academy of Degtyarev with defense industry enterprises in the training of personnel in the specialty “Small arms, cannon, artillery and rocket weapons” is systematized.

Keywords: military-industrial complex, personnel, regulatory per capita financing, problem, specialty, enterprise, training, specialists


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