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Labor market under new social economic conditions

N.A. Novruzov
80,00 Р

UDC 316.4:331.5      


N.A. Novruzov is Senior Specialist at National Observatory on Labor Market and Social Protection, Baku, Azerbaijan e-mail:


Shown is the transition of informal employment in the labor market to new socio-economic conditions, provided are appropriate recommendations on the use of new forms and occupations in the post-pandemic and digital economy, and identifyed are existing problems in that sphere. The aim of the study is to solve the following problems: to reveal the content of the transformation of the labor market into new conditions, analyze current trends in the digitalization of the economy, affecting the transformation of the labor market and forms of employment, analyze the impact of the pandemic on the labor market and the introduction of new forms of employment, identify risks and develop recommendations for the introduction of new forms of employment.

Key words: robotization, digital economy, pandemic, labor market, informal employment, transformation.



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