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“Noah’s Ark” for Russian intellectuals (to the 100th anniversary of creation of Commission for improvement of life of scientists)

V.V. Fortunatov
80,00 Р

UDC  001.32:93/94            


V.V. Fortunatov is Dr.Sci. (History), prof., head of sub-faculty at Emperor Alexander I St. Petersburg state transport university e-mail:


Described are emergence and activity of Commissions on bettering welfare of scholars (KUBU), played crucial role in rescue from starvation and distress of thousands of researchers, professors and academics, cultural figures in years of the Civil war. The first commission originated in Petrograd. Initiative of A.M. Gorky, writer, and group of prominent scientists in the autumn of 1919th was supported by head of SNK V.I. Lenin, signed corresponding decree in December 23, 1919. This document became legal basis for activity of Petrograd commission on welfare of scholars, center of which was House of scientists, founded in Petrograd in January 1920. Taking into account Petrograd experience in material supporting scientists, in 1922 the Central commission for welfare of scientists, and Moscow commission for welfare of scientists were established. By the autumn of 1923, in Moscow, Petrograd and other regions received academic rations 20 755 scientists. Centenary of Decree of December 23, 1919 is good reason for going to important side of relationship between Soviet power and pre-revolutionary Russian intellectuals.

Key words: old intelligentsia, professionals, scientists, Soviet power, Commission for bettering welfare of scientists, house of scientists, academic ration, bolsheviks, material equipping.



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