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Monitoring of ethnic self-identification and interethnic tolerance among students of Saint Petersburg vocational colleges

K.Yu. Belousov , Е.М. Панова
80,00 Р

K.Yu. Belousov is Cand. Sci. (Sociology), doc. e-mail:; and E.M. Panova is Cand. Sci. (Psychology), doc. e-mail:

at Saint Petersburg Budget Institution of Post-Diplom Pedagogical Education


Presented are results of monitoring research, conducted among students of Saint Petersburg state vocational educational institutions in the years 2015 and 2017. The focus is made on analysis of significance of nationality and description of ethnic tolerance to students of vocational colleges and institutions. Research tools include application of scales of different types. Special attention is focused on results of applying of social acceptance scale, allowing evaluation extent of social and psychological acceptance by people each another. The authors stick to the idea of necessity of forming all-Russian civil identity by at the same time safeguarding harmonious development and coexistence of cultures of multi-national peoples of Russia.

Key words: ethnic self-identification, all-Russian civil identity, ethnic tolerance, students.


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