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Folklore picture of the world in New year celebrated congratulated songs of Belgorod region

N.S. Kuznetsova, O.N. Kudymova
80,00 Р

N.S. Kuznetsova is Cand.Sci. (Art History), senior lecturer e-mail: ; and O.N. Kudymova is lecturer e-mail:

at Belgorod State University of Arts and Culture


Presented is scientific generalization of expedition materials, collected in territory of Belgorod region. The paper highlights regional aspect of existence of holy majestic and greeting tunes, the main types of carols are considered. To carry out comparative characteristics, modern publications on holy winter rituals of Eastern Slavs were involved in the study. As a result, a number of relevant characteristics were singled out, that include: presence of two types of caroling, similarity of compositional structure of carols of Belgorod region with main types of Russian carols, simultaneous existence of carols of pagan origin and carols of Christian symbolism, and relative independence of text of carol and the refrain. Identified plots of chanting tunes, authors managed to connect with their existence in specific song traditions.

Key words: New-year majestic-congratulatory songs, sacred rituals, traditional culture of Belgorod region.



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