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Figurative list of Alfred Schnitke’s apocalyptic works

L.F. Semerenko, T.S. Putintseva, N.V. Usacheva
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L.F. Semerenko is doc. of piano sub-faculty at Belgorod State University of Arts and Culture e-mail:

T.S. Putintseva is lecturer at piano sub-faculty e-mail:

and N.V. Usacheva is deputy director e-mail:

at Gubkinsky branch of Belgorod State University of Arts and Culture


Researched are some works of composer A. Schnitke, defining general emotional orientation of his works. Among them people’s book about Faust, that absorbed countless legends and rumors about personality of the magician, his contacts with the underworld, his repentance and tragic end. Legends, that became the theme of five-century understanding of Faust, inspired outstanding writers, musicians, artists of various epochs. The authors cite examples from works of A.S. Pushkin, M.Yu. Lermontov, etc. In music the theme of Faust continues by A. Poussen opera, F. Busoni opera and opera by A. Schnitke “ The story of doctor Faust” and one of brilliant works of T. Mann “Doctor Faustus”. Also analyzed is the theme of apocalypse in arts from point of view of further development of spiritual culture of society.

Key words: apocalypse, A. Schnitke, figurative line.



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